Our mission

Our mission is to fulfill customer expectations in terms of quality, design and novelty of products and services. Cooperation with us guarantees business success to each of our partners.


Our vision

MDH has the largest share in the portfolio of goods and services purchased by medical retailers in Poland. We are also an innovative manufacturer and a leading supplier of non-invasive orthotic and rehabilitation solutions in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, becoming a significant player on the European market.
For more than twenty years Mdh has been  offering  advanced medical solution. We specialize in helping  people who suffer from movement disorders. Our business activities encompass manufacturing, import , export and distribution. We manufacture  prophylactic shoes, orthotics and rehabilitation aids. Mdh holds shares in subsidiaries in Poland and abroad. High growth rate, both: economic and organizational, is its main feature.
From the beginning of our activity, we have introduced many own brands to the market. Owing to careful research and work, they are characterized by high functionality, excellent quality and safety. Thus, they are successfully sold and internationally recognized.
Product development and quality is supervised by our constructors who constantly enhance the products according to the latest technological achievements and medical knowledge. Thus, Mdh offers medical equipment which is in line with current global trends and meets market requirements in terms of functionality and design.
As a proof of the above, we are proud to possess quality management system which complies with the requirements of EN ISO 9001:2008 norm and also complies with the requirements of the norm for the makers and the distributors of medical items which is : EN ISO 13485:2012, in the field of design, production, distribution and the service of  orthopedic and rehabilitation products.

In case of any questions or doubts, our qualified staff will provide you with all  information you need. We encourage to discover our offer!